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Our story

Each project is unique in its design, context, schedule and budget. By analyzing and controlling these factors, we are able to suggest to each client an efficient way of achieving their specific needs, while respecting their priorities and requirements.

Whether public or private projects “SOGEBAT delivers the project” with efficiency and rigor, and carries out the work according to a variety of embodiments and types of contracts

Our flexibility allows us to adapt our methods according to the targeted options and to propose tailor-made solutions.

SOGEBAT is one of the most successful general contractors in Tunisia. Our competitive prices, excellent network of subcontractors and tight budget management contribute to the profitability of projects and build our enviable reputation.

SOGEBAT was created as a limited liability company in 2014 by Moncef Chtourou and Mohamed Karray; Two ambitious young entrepreneurs with releavant academic backgrounds. Mohamed is graduated as superior technician in civil engineering, however Moncef, the Manager of the company is a technician in Industries of Aluminium. Despite the little age of SOGEBAT, the organization succeeded many relevant and highly scaled projects by contracting with Governemental institutes and Departments and also with the private sector. Today the company have two main approvals for making contracts with its customers :

  • The Approval related to the field of Construction – B 0 C3, granted by the Tunisian ministry of Equipment and Housing
  • The Approval of painting